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The City of Caro, Michigan is the county seat of Tuscola County, in the Thumb region of the Lower Peninsula. Caro is surrounded by Indianfields Township on the west, south, and east, but is administered autonomously. To the north, it is bordered by Almer Township.

Caro is one of two incorporated cities in Tuscola County, the other being Vassar, about fifteen miles southwest of Caro. The unincorporated community of Wahjamega is 2.9 miles to the southwest, the village of Fairgrove is 9.8 miles northwest, Akron is 11.2 miles north-northwest, Mayville is 12.2 miles south, Kingston is 16.2 miles southeast, and Cass City is 15.0 miles northeast of Caro.

The chief routes through the village are Caro Road (M-81) and Cleaver Road (M-24). Others include Colling Road, Dayton Road, Deckerville Road, Gilford Road, Luder Road, and Mertz Road. The Tuscola Area Airport, also known as the Caro Municipal Airport, is situated southwest of the city. The Cass River cuts across the southeast corner of the village, Caro Golf Club, Arrowhead Golf Course, and Darbee Farm Park are just outside of the village limits on the east.

The city has its origins as a logging camp, when Curtis Emerson began logging operations there in 1847, based along the Cass River. The community that grew up around his logging camp was first known as Centerville, for its location near the center of Tuscola County.

In 1852, Samuel P. Sherman acquired sixty-three acres for lumbering and speculative purposes, a recommendation by his son, William E. Sherman, who had worked in the logging industry on the Cass River. The Shermans later purchased additional land in the area.

In 1856, the state began construction on a road from Bridgeport to Forestville, following a route that would pass through what was then known as the Centerville community. To serve travelers along this road, Melvin Gibbs built a frame building, known as the Gibbs House, in 1858, and William E. Sherman opened a second hotel, known as the Centerville House, in 1859.

In 1865, Centerville was selected as the county seat. As was frequently the case in the history of county seats, the original county seat was not willing to surrender its status. Caro residents stole the records one night and transported them to Caro by canoe.

On April 25, 1866, a post office was established, named Tuscola Center. To avoid confusion resulting from the differing names for the community and the post office, town leaders met in 1866 to consider renaming the town. William E. Sherman suggested Caro, based on a variant spelling of the Egyptian city of Cairo, and that was agreed upon, and both the state legislature and the post office accepted the change of name. The local post office name was changed to Caro on June 15, 1969, and Caro was incorporated as a village in 1871. On November 3, 2009, Caro residents voted to change the town's status from a village to a city, and this was approved by the Michigan legislature.

Since 1970, the city has enjoyed a population of more than four thousand, but it is projected to decline slightly in the 2020 census.

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