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Carrollton, Michigan is the chief residential area in Carrollton Township in Saginaw County. As the community is unincorporated, there are no defined borders, but it is situated along the western banks of the Saginaw River, across the river from the City of Saginaw and south of Zilwaukee.

The chief route through the community is Carrollton Road, which intersects Mapleridge Road in the center of the village. The City of Midland is 26.8 miles northwest, and Flint is 38.4 miles south-southeast of Carrollton. The Carrollton post office provides mail services to an area along the river that extends from Carrollton Township into the City of Zilwaukee, while a Saginaw ost office serves the rest of the township.

The origins of the community and township go back to 1835 when a Dr. Carroll acquired land in the region. Others moved near him, and a post office was established on February 6, 1864, with Charles E. Gillett as its first postmaster, named for Dr. Carroll, as was the township that was organized in 1866.

The Cincinnati, Saginaw & Mackinaw Railroad established a station at Carrollton, which carried passengers and served several sawmills and salt works that were built along the banks of the river in the early days of the community.

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