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Topics relating to schools, education, teaching, training, and learning in Cedar Springs, Michigan are the focal point of this guide.

Cedar Springs Public Schools serves an area of about one hundred and ten square miles that includes the City of Cedar Springs, and parts of Algoma, Courtland, Ensley, Nelson, Oakfield, Solon, and Spencer townships, although all of its school facilities are within the city limits. Except for Cedar Springs Middle School, each of its schools is on the same campus, south of East Muskegon Street and east of South Main Street. The Middle School is about a mile south of the district's main campus.

Its schools include Cedar Trails Elementary School (K-1), Beach Elementary School (2-3), Cedar View Elementary School (4-5), Red Hawk Elementary School (6), Cedar Springs Middle School (7-8), Cedar Springs High School (9-12), and New Beginnings High School (9-12).

Chartered through Ferris State University, CTA began as a 7-12th-grade charter school in 1998, but currently offers a K-12th-grade curriculum. The non-profit, tuition-free school is situated in the northwest quadrant of the city.

These, and any other schools in Cedar Springs, are appropriate for this guide, whether operated by a public school system, charter school system, church, or as a private institution. Childcare centers, preschools, and pre-kindergartens in Cedar Springs may be found here, as well as any college, vocational school, or university programs within the city, homeschooling program, or training program.



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