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Places of worship, ministries, and other topics related to faith, religion, and spirituality in Cedar Springs, Michigan are the focal point of this guide.

A recent survey suggested that residents of Cedar Springs are considerably more religious than the larger state population. The majority of those indicating a specific religion were Christians, although 1.4% indicated an affiliation with Islam, while 0.2% identified with Judaism, and another 0.4% cited various Eastern religions. Of the Christians, the largest number were Catholics, followed closely by the Presbyterians, with much smaller numbers of Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, and Episcopalians. However, 12.7% indicated an affiliation with other Christian denominations or non-denominational churches.

Websites representing churches or other places of worship in Cedar Springs, regardless of the religion, denomination, or sect, are appropriate topics for this guide.



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