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Situated on the southern banks of Cedar Creek, Cedar is an unincorporated community in Solon Township, Leelanau County, in the northwestern segment of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

The main routes through the community is East Bellinger Road and South Cedar Road (South Kasson Street). Maple City is 3.3 miles to the west, Lake Ann is 12.8 miles to the south, Traverse City is 14.4 miles southeast, Empire is 21.1 miles west, and Sutton's Bay is 28.3 miles north-northeast of Cedar.

Before the founding of Cedar, a Polish community was formed in the Cedar area, in Centerville Township, to the north. There were three small settlements - Schomberg, Bodus, and Isadore - each only one or two miles apart, in the tradition of Polish settlements of that day. As the first generation retired from the farm and other Polish immigrants came into the area, many of them settled in the largest Polish community, then known as Cedar City, in Solon Township.

Cedar City was founded by Benjamin Boughey, who started a lumbering business there around 1885. He named the community Cedar City, as it was located in a cedar forest. In order to transport forest products from the region, the Manistee and Northeastern Railroad established a depot in Cedar City.

On August 15, 1893, a post office was established at Cedar City, with Frederick McFall as postmaster. Although the post office was named Cedar, the depot continued to be called Cedar City.

Cedar State Bank opened in 1905 but, although it survived the Great Depression, it closed in the late 1930s.

Cedar is unincorporated but it is a census-designated place, so it has defined boundaries for purpose of the census. Never a large town, today Cedar has a population under one hundred, although its post office is still in operation. Although the names of Cedar residents and businesses no longer reflect its Polish heritage, the community continues to host Cedar's Polka Festival, a tradition that began in 1975.

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