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Ceresco, Michigan is an unincorporated village situated along the north banks of the Kalamazoo River, between Battle Creek and Marshall, in Calhoun County. The village is on the boundary between Marshall and Emmett Charter townships.

12 Mile Road crosses the river at Ceresco, and C-Drive North leads east from 12 Mile Road, while E-Drive North leads northwest. The City of Marshall is 5.3 miles east, and Battle Creek is 12 miles northwest, while the Village of Bellevue is 20.0 miles north of Ceresco.

A power dam was constructed along the river, powering a sawmill and a stone flour mill in the 1830s, prompting others to settle the area. In 1838, Isaac Crary and John D. Pierce platted the village, naming it for a combination of the Greek goddess of the harvest (Ceres), and the first two letters of the word (company) in recognition of the area's mills.

A post office was designated in Ceresco on December 30, 1843, with Winslow S. Hale as its first postmaster. In partnership with the American Railway Express Company, the Michigan Central Railroad established a station in Ceresco soon after, carrying passengers and freight. C.P. Johnson was the station agent.

With the advantage of the railroad, more businesses and people were attracted to Ceresco. Before long, the new settlement had a hotel, saloon, several shops and stores, a creamery, and more mills.

Over the years, however, the businesses closed as improvements in transportation made it easier for villagers to shop, do business, and work in nearby larger cities. The dam was replaced with a boat launch, and today Ceresco is almost entirely residential, with some of its older stores converted into homes, while others have been demolished or stand empty.

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