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The unincorporated community of Chase, Michigan is the only population center in Chase Township.

As an unincorporated community, there are no defined boundaries for the village itself, but the population area includes a portion of the Manistee National Forest, at its eastern edge, where East US-10 crosses South Frank Smith Road, east to the point where the highway crosses the Middle Branch of the Pere Marquette River. The townsite is mostly north of US-10, but the Chase post office serves most of the northwest portion of Chase Township, as well as southwestern Pinora Township, a southeast portion of Cherry Valley Township, and northeast Yates Township.

US-10 is the main route through the community for traffic going east or west, while South Frank Smith Road and South Saddler Road lead north and south. The main portion of the West Branch of the Pere Marquette River flows east, just south of US-10.

Chase is in southeastern Lake County. Reed City is 7.4 miles east of the village, Baldwin is 11.1 miles west, Luther is 12.3 miles north, and Big Rapids is 20.2 miles southeast.

The village and township were named for Salmon Portland Chase, who was the Chief Justice of the United States at the time that the area was settled in the 1860s. Coming in 1862, Lorenzo Conklin is acknowledged as the first permanent settler. Charles Joiner built a sawmill, a broom handle factory, and a shingle mill in the late 1860s. The community was first known as Grendale, although it was variously spelled Greendale or Green Dell.

However, when a post office was established on March 29, 1872, it was named Chase, with Alvin Joiner as the first postmaster. Chase served as the county seat until 1874.

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