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Chesterfield, Michigan is an unincorporated community or neighborhood of Chesterfield Township in eastern Macomb County.

As an unincorporated community, there are no defined boundaries for Chesterfield, but it is generally considered to be the area along M-3 (Gratiot Avenue), from 24 Mile Road south to just south of 23 Mile Road, and includes Chesterfield Road, which intersects with 24 Mile Road and 23 Mile Road. I-94 is east of Chesterfield.

Anchor Bay Shores, Anchor Bay Gardens, Anchor Bay Harbor, Point Lakeview, Lottivue, and Chesterfield Shores are unincorporated communities are east of Chesterfield, along Anchor Bay, in Lake Saint Clair. Sebille Manor is east of Chesterfield but west of the Anchor Bay communities, and Milton is northeast of Chesterfield. These are other unincorporated communities in Chesterfield Township. The incorporated village of New Haven is 5.4 miles north-northeast, the city of Mt. Clemens is 7.5 miles south, and New Baltimore is 7.8 miles northeast of the community.

Chesterfield was settled by European-Americans around 1830 but saw no appreciable business development until the Grand Trunk Railroad came through in 1865. Soon, the new town had a blacksmith shop, cider mill, a combination grocery and general store, a cattle dealership, and a school. A post office was established on March 10, 1875, with James C. Patton as postmaster. The post office operated at that location until July 15, 1907. The Chesterfield post office is now located just south of 23 Mile Road and east of Gratiot Avenue, serving the larger Chesterfield Township area.

Chesterfield was the original settlement within the township, although it was soon surpassed by other communities in the township, such as New Baltimore and Milton.

The focus of this category is on the unincorporated village of Chesterfield, Michigan. However, given that Chesterfield has no firmly defined boundaries, websites from a larger area might be found here, as well.



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