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Clarklake, Michigan is an unincorporated community on the shores of Clark Lake, a 580-acre body of water in Columbia Township in the southeastern quadrant of Jackson County.

Although the village of Clarklake refers to the original settlement along the northwest shore of the lake, the entire area around the lake is known as Clarklake as it includes no other identified communities, and is served by the Clarklake post office.

The lake was named for Robert Clark, who surveyed the area for the government in 1824. In 1833, George Stranahan settled on the northwest shores of the lake, and the village that arose in this area became known as Clarklake when the Chicago & Illinois Midland Railroad established a station there. On April 25, 1896, a post office was established at Clarklake, with Jay D. Reed as postmaster.

Early on, Clarklake became a summer destination for families from Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. The railroad enhanced interest in the community, with visitors camping along the shores of the lake, staying in hotels that were built there, or building their own summer cottages.

One of these was Benjamin Graziani, a lawyer and state senator from Kentucky. He first came to Clarklake with his family in 1896, originally staying at a small hotel. In 1897, he acquired some property on the north side of the lake that already had a few small cottages on it. He added a larger, two-story building in 1899, positioned in such a way that it could be seen from different parts of the lake. Referred to as the Kentucky Homestead, it became a local landmark. In 1997, this building was moved by barge across the lake to the Clark Lake County Park and restored to serve as a community center. The Clark Lake Community Center is now open to the public and available for rent as a site for weddings, graduation parties, or other events.

Situated along the northeast and easter side of the lake, Clark Lake County Park is a 7-acre site with grills, picnic areas, a playground, swimming area, boat mooring area, and portable toilets. The Clark Lake Spirit Trail passes through the park, circling the lake, for a distance of about seven miles. It is used by runners, walkers, and bicyclists. On the western end of the lake, near the original Clarklake townsite, Clarklake Lions Community Park serves as a recreational site for residents and hosts various events throughout the year.

Clark Lake, itself, is a 580-acre lake with a depth of about fifty feet at its deepest point. As might be expected, the lake is used for swimming, boating, and watersports, as well as for fishing. While fishing, anglers might catch a variety of fish, including bluegill, largemouth bass, rock bass, yellow perch, and northern pike. The Grand River flows just west of the lake, and Goose Creek connects Clark Lake with Lake Columbia, just southeast of Clark Lake.

The chief route to the community is US-127, also known as Meridian Road, west of the lake. Although separated from the lake by a couple of miles, it is also within the Clarklake postal area. Hyde Road runs north-south, roughly parallel to US-127, nearer to the western shores of the lake, ending at White Road to the south, and turning to the east north of Reed Road, ending at Clarklake Road. North Lake Road is an east-west road serving those on the north shores of the lake, while Jefferson Road serves the south shore, and Ocean Beach Road is a short north-west road spanning the eastern portion of the lake, from Jefferson Road to the south, to North Lake Road to the north, in the area of Clark Lake County Park. Hayes Road leads south from Jefferson Road, past Lake Columbia, to end at Cement City Road.

Brooklyn is 4.6 miles south of Clarklake, while Cement City is 5.8 miles southwest, Napoleon is 8.5 miles northwest, Grass Lake is 12.1 miles north, Hanover is 12.9 miles northeast, and Jackson is 15.1 miles to the southeast.

The focus of this guide is on the unincorporated area of Columbia Township that surrounds Clark Lake, as well as the larger area served by the Clarklake, Michigan post office. Websites representing individuals, industries, businesses, schools, churches, organizations, attractions, and events in Clarklake are appropriate topics for this guide.


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