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Clarksville, Michigan is a small village in southwest Ionia County. Situated in northern Campbell Township, which surrounds the village, the Clarksville post office serves the northern portion of the township, as well as southern Boston Township and portions of Odessa Township to the east, and Bowne Township, in Kent County, to the west.

Nash Highway (Main Street) and West Clarksville Road (Cross Street) intersect in the center of the village. The City of Grand Rapids is about twenty-five miles to the northwest. Nearby cities and villages include Saranac (7.6 miles), Freeport (8.8 miles), Lake Odessa (9.4 miles), Woodland (13.6 miles), Lowell (13.9 miles), Ionia (16.5 miles), Sunfield (18.1 miles), Caledonia (19.6 miles), Portland (20.6 miles), and Kentwood (23.9 miles).

With a population of just under four hundred, Clarksville is as large as it has ever been today. Throughout its history, its population has ranged from just under three hundred in 1930 and just under four hundred today.

Bear Creek flows through the northern segment of the village.

The first European-American settlers in the area that was to become Clarksville were a pair of brothers, Jeremiah and Martin Campbell, who had recently immigrated from Ireland. They came to the region in 1840 and Campbell Township, when it was organized in 1849, was named for them. The village was originally known as Skipperville, for the owner of a local cheese factory. In 1875, Clark L. Howard opened a store, and a post office was established there on May 12 of that year, with Mr. Howard as postmaster. The post office and village were named for Clark Howard. In 1888, the Detroit, Grand Rapids & Western Railroad completed its track to Grand Rapids, establishing a station in Clarksville, and Clarksville was incorporated as a village in 1925.

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