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Coleman, Michigan is a small city in northwestern Midland County. Surrounded by Warren Township, it is near its border with Wise Township, in Isabella County.

US-10 is on the city's northern border, and North Coleman Road enters the center of the city in the north and the south, leading to Coleman's downtown district, while West Saginaw Road (Railway Street) runs diagonally (northwest-southeast) through the center of the city. Other routes to or through the city include West Shaffer Road, and North Dickerson Road, which forms the lower portion of the city's western boundaries. Clare is 11.4 miles northwest of Coleman, while Sanford is 13.0 miles southeast, Rosebush is 13.2 miles southwest, and Beaverton is 13.9 miles to the northeast.

The city includes large wooded areas in the southwest and northwest, with agricultural land in the northeast. The Pere Marquette Trail follows an abandoned section of the Pere Marquette Railway, running parallel to Railway Street, and passing through the city's business district. Coleman has a traditional small-town central business district, except that Its commercial buildings are primarily located on the north side of Railway Street, while the south has a mixture of commercial buildings and parks adjacent to the Pere Marquette Trail.

The first land acquisitions in the area that was to become Coleman were by Ammi W. Wright, who purchased land from the federal government, but he did not settle on the land. Several years later, in 1868, he sold a thousand acres to Seymour Coleman. Aware that the Pere Marquette Railroad was extending its line westward through Midland County, Coleman had a hundred and sixty acres surveyed and platted, then donated land to the railroad for a depot.

The railroad reached Coleman in 1870, and a depot was established in 1871. The first permanent settler, Jonathan Pierce, arrived on the first railroad construction train. He built a sawmill and a hotel, which he named the Exchange Hotel. A post office was established at the hotel on May 15, 1871, with Jonathan Pierce as postmaster.

Between 1870 and 1890, the new town grew rapidly to support as many as thirty lumber mills in the surrounding region. The town included three banks, several churches, mercantile stores, blacksmith shops, hotels, and at about twenty saloons.

Within a few years, most of the lumber in the area has been removed. Fortunately, the Pere Marquette Railway built a spur to Mt. Pleasant in 1879, which brought several other types of businesses to Coleman. Coleman was incorporated as a village in 1887 and became a city in 1905. Incorporation brought improvements, such as electricity and 1910, a water system in 1951, and a city-wide sewer system was created in 1970. Sometime after the Pere Marquette Railway abandoned its track through Coleman, the rail bed became part of the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail, a thirty-mile asphalt walking trail between Midland and Clare, which was completed in 1994.

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