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The Village of Concord, Michigan is situated in lower Concord Township, in west Jackson County.

The chief routes through the village are Spring Arbor Road (East Jackson), also known as M-60, and Pulaski Road (Main Street), which becomes Albion Road when it exits the village in the north. Other routes include Allman Road, Falling Waters Trail, and Sears Road. Palma is 8.0 miles north of Concord, Homer is 9.3 miles west, Hanover is 9.8 miles southeast, Albion is 12.1 miles northwest, and Jackson is 14.1 miles to the northeast.

The North Branch of the Kalamazoo River flows through the northern segment of the village. Swains Lake is south of the village, and Reynolds Lake is to the east.

Several of the buildings in downtown Concord are original buildings from the early days of the village, and are designated as part of the Concord Village Historic District. The first European-American settler in the area that was to become Concord Township was John Acker, who came with his family in November of 1831. The following May, William Van Fossen built a cabin, becoming the first European-American to settle in the village itself. Because of the area's rich soil, several others soon followed, and agriculture played a significant role in the community's early economy.

The developing town was first known as Van Fossenville. However, when a post office was to be established there, the postal service didn't want so long of a name. Thomas McGee, another early settler, suggested Concord as a representation of the harmony in which the early settlers were living. The post office was established as Concord on January 15, 1836, with Isaac Van Fossen as postmaster. Concord was incorporated as a village in 1871.

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