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Dafter, Michigan is an unincorporated community near the center of Dafter Township, Chippewa County, in the northeastern Upper Peninsula.

The center of the City of Sault Ste. Marie is 12.0 miles north of Dafter. Other than Sault Ste. Marie, the closest incorporated municipalities are St. Ignace (43.6 miles south), Detour (49.1 miles southeast), and Newberry (57.0 miles west) of Dafter. Unincorporated communities within fifteen miles of Dafter include Kinross, Brimley, Kincheloe, Barbeau, Bay Mills, Mission, and Raco.

As Dafter is unincorporated, it has no clearly defined borders, but the small community is concentrated about a mile southwest of the junction of M-28 with I-75, just west of South Soo Line Road. The main route through the village is West 10 Mile Road, which crosses I-75 about a half-mile east of the village. As it runs through Dafter Township, I-75 is contiguous with US-2.

Dafter has very few businesses, as it consists largely of a few north or south streets connecting with West Mile 10 Road, and is residential or wooded.

Beginning as a lumber settlement, a post office was established as Stevensburgh on January 27, 1879, with George Stevens as its first postmaster. In 1888, the newly built Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad (Soo Line) established a station in Stevensburgh. On July 19, 1893, the name of the post office and village was changed to Dafter, after its township.

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