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Situated near the center of Ingham Township, in Ingham County, the Village of Dansville, Michigan is about twenty-two miles southeast of downtown Lansing.

East Dansville Road and South Williamston Road intersect in the center of the village. A lesser route from the village is West Road, which heads northwest from South Williamston Road in the northern section of Dansville, leading to Clark Road, northwest of town. The center of Mason is 7.6 miles west of Dansville, while Williamston is 10.2 miles north, Stockbridge is 13.1 miles southeast, Webberville is 14.5 miles northeast, and Leslie is 14.7 miles to the southwest.

Samuel Crossman was the first European-American settler in the area when he came from New York in 1844. He opened the first store in 1847, and the community that grew up around his store was first known as Ingham Center, for its location in the center of Ingham Township.

He sold his property to his son, Daniel C. Crossman, who platted the village in 1857. A post office was established on May 14 of that year, with Dr. Daniel T. Weston as the first postmaster. Named for the two Daniels, the village was incorporated in 1867, with Daniel T. Crossman as village president.

Dansville was one of the earliest settlements in Ingham County, with settlers coming in the 1840s. Samuel Crossman opened the first store in the village, while David D. Fox opened the first hotel, known as the Union Hotel, in 1856.

Despite its proximity to the state capital, Dansville has never seen much in the way of commercial development. It is primarily a residential community, with some small businesses and agricultural research facilities. After three decades of decline, its population rose by more than thirty percent in 2010, due largely to its growing popularity as a bedroom community.

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