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Davisburg, Michigan is situated in the outer Detroit Metro region, around the junction of Davisburg Road and Andersonville Road, in Springfield Charter Township, Oakland County.

As an unincorporated community, Davisburg is without defined boundaries, but the inhabited area generally thought of as Davisburg is south of Davis Lake and the Shiawassee River, which also dips into the eastern part of the village. The community is nearly surrounded by golf courses and parks.

Since there are no clearly defined boundaries and the Davisburg post office serves most of the township, unless a more precise category exists, online resources representing individuals, businesses, industries, schools, churches, organizations, attractions, or events bearing a Davisburg postal address would be appropriate for this category.

Located in the central-western portion of the township, Davisburg is approximately fifty miles northwest of downtown Detroit. Other unincorporated communities within the township include Andersonville, Jossman Acres, and Springfield. The nearest incorporated cities and villages include Holly (7.0 miles west), Clarkston (7.0 miles east), Ortonville (13.1 miles northeast), and Milford (14.5 miles south).

The community was named for Cornelius Davis, who came from New York in 1836. A post office was established there on March 4, 1855, although the original spelling was Davisburgh. John C. Davis, a son of Cornelius Davis, served as the first postmaster. Cornelius and his two sons, John C. and James H. Davis, platted the village in 1857, around the time that the Detroit & Milwaukee Railroad established a station there. Although the railroad no longer provides passenger service to Davisburg, the track is still in use by the Canadian National Railroad for freight service. On May 26, 1894, the post office adopted the current spelling for the community.



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