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The Village of Deckerville, Michigan is mostly in Marion Township, in the southwestern quadrant, although a small portion of the village extends west into Wheatland Township. It is in Sanilac County, in the Thumb Region of the Lower Peninsula.

The chief routes through the village are Deckerville Road, which runs east-west, and becomes Black River Street within the village limits, and North Ruth Road, known as Main Street in Deckerville, which intersects Deckerville Road in the center-east part of the village. Range Line Road serves as the village's western boundary. The center of Carsonville is 9.9 miles south-southeast of Deckerville, while Minden City is 11.9 miles north, Sandusky is 12.0 miles southwest, and Forestville is 16.8 miles northeast. The unincorporated community of McGregor is 3.8 miles to the north.

Today, Deckerville is primarily a residential community, with a hospital, a couple of restaurants, light industry, and some commercial businesses near the intersection of its two main streets.

Deckerville was named for Charles Decker, who came to Marion Township in 1865 and established a lumber business in the area where the village was platted in 1870. On January 3, 1870, a post office was established, with Charles Decker's son, Martin, as postmaster. Near the turn of the 20th century, the Pere Marquette Railroad established a station at Deckerville, which was incorporated as a village in 1893.

Deckerville's peak population was 1,015 in 1990, but it has declined in each census taken since that time.

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