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The Village of Deerfield, Michigan is in the southeastern Lower Peninsula, in Lenawee County, on the eastern edge of central Deerfield Township, bordering on Summerfield Township, in Monroe County.

The main route through the village is Deerfield Road, which runs roughly northeast-southwest through Deerfield's downtown district. Other routes include Bucholtz Highway, Kingsbury Road, Rouget Road, Rodesiler Highway, Taft Road, and County Line Highway, which forms the village's eastern boundary. The River Raisin forms the southwestern boundary.

The unincorporated community of Deer Creek is 1.4 miles to the southwest, while Deerfield Center is 4.1 miles north-northwest. Nearby incorporated municipalities include Petersburg (3.8 miles east-northeast), Blissfield (8.4 miles southwest), Britton (9.3 miles north), Dundee (10.9 miles northeast), Adrian (14.2 miles west), and Tecumseh (15.3 miles northwest).

Although Deefield is within 25-30 miles from Toledo, Ohio, and Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, Michigan, the village is known for agriculture and small-town living. There are farms within the village limits, and many of its other businesses support agricultural industries. Most residents of Deerfield commute to Adrian, Ann Arbor, Toledo, or Ypsilanti.

The actor, Danny Thomas, was born in Deerfield in 1912, although his birth name was Amos Muzyad Yaqoob Kairouz.

The first settler on the land that became Deerfield was William Kedzie, who made the first land purchase there in 1824 and moved onto his land in 1826, coming from New York. When a post office was established on March 20, 1828, Kedzie became the first postmaster for the town, which was named Kedzie's Grove. On August 29, 1837, the post office took the current name of the village, derived from the many deer who frequented the area. Deerfield was incorporated as a village in 1873. With a population between eight hundred and nine hundred today, the village's peak population was 1,005 in 2000, while its lowest population was 421 in 1890.

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