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Delton, Michigan is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Barry Township, Barry County, in the southwest quadrant of the Lower Peninsula.

Situated in the southwestern portion of the county, Delton is in the northwestern corner of the township, bordered to the north by Hope Township, while a small portion of the CDP extends into Prairieville Township to the west.

Delton is nearly surrounded by lakes. To the southwest, the CDP is bordered by Upper and Lower Crooked Lake. To the northwest, Holcomb Lake is just outside the CDP boundaries. To the north are Wilkinson Lake and Wall Lake, Pleasant Lake is to the east, and Glasdy Lake and Dake Lake are to the south, with several others just beyond these.

The main travel routes through the community are M-43, which runs mostly north-south through Delton's business district, and Delton Road, which enters the CDP from the west and ends where it intersects M-43 in the north-central portion of the community. Other routes include Pine Lake Road, which forms a portion of the CDP's northern boundary, and Brickyard Road and Pleasant Lake Road, which form its eastern boundary. Fiona Road and a portion of M-43 forms its southern boundary, and Rankin Road forms a small portion of its western boundary, just above Upper Crooked Lake.

Incorporated municipalities within twenty-five miles of Delton include Richland (10.0 miles), Augusta (13.5 miles), Hastings (14.7 miles), Martin (15.4 miles), Plainwell (15.6 miles), Kalamazoo (19.3 miles), Springfield (20.4 miles), Battle Creek (21.1 miles), and Nashville (22.6 miles). Unincorporated communities surrounding Delton include Cloverdale (3.3 miles), Hickory Corners (4.9 miles), Cedar Creek (5.3 miles), Schultz (7.7 miles), South Gull Lake (9.4 miles), and Dowling (7.7 miles).

As Delton has only recently been named a census-designated place, historic population statistics are not available, but its population was 872 at the time of the 2010 census. Much of the CDP is wooded and, given its proximity to several lakes, the community enjoys an influx of summer vacationers, as well as people seeking outdoor recreation opportunities.

Delton Kellogg High School, Delton Kellogg Middle School, and Delton Kellogg Elementary School are located within the CDP, near the center of the town.

The origins of the community go back to 1839 when Josiah Hine purchased the first land in the area from the US government. Shortly afterward, Adelbert E. Monroe, who was known as Dell Monroe, built a store on a corner lot and became Delton's first postmaster on May 22, 1877. The town was supposed to have been named Dellstown, for Dell Monroe, but it came back as Delton. The town was a station on the Chicago, Kalamazoo & Saginaw Railroad. Operating from 1886 to 1942, the CK&S was only forty-four miles long, running from Kalamazoo, Michigan northwest to Woodbury, Michigan.

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