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The focal point of this guide is on health, medical, and public safety resources in the City of Detroit, Michigan, public or private.

These are likely to include websites representing municipal and private health agencies, such as regulatory departments, wellness services, and organizations offering various health services, such as weight and nutrition counseling, drug counseling programs, and so on.

The majority of the resources here will fall into one of several medical or treatment designations, including medical practitioners, facilities, and programs in Detroit, from all sorts of medical genres. These might include doctors, doctor's offices, clinics, medical groups, and hospitals, as well as eyecare practitioners and facilities, dental practices and practitioners, chiropractors, mental health professionals, emergency medical services, and those that might fall under the label of alternative care, such as acupuncture and other types of treatment procedures that may not be widely accepted or practiced. Websites representing veterinary medicine in Detroit would also be appropriate in this guide.

Public safety services, like police and fire departments, would also be appropriate for this guide.



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