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News and media outlets in Detroit, Michigan may include daily newspapers, broadsheets, magazines, and other print media publications within the city, as well as radio or television stations broadcasting from Detroit, online media focused primarily on a Detroit audience, and any other type of news or media within the city.

The major daily newspapers in Detroit are the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News, both broadsheet publications published together through a joint operating agreement known as the Detroit Newspaper Partnership. The Metro Times is a weekly publication that focuses on Detroit Metro news and arts and entertainment topics. Based in Detroit, the Michigan Chronicle is one of the oldest African-American weekly newspapers in the United States.

Detroit has a large television and radio market, although many of the radio and television stations broadcast in the city are not based there, and some stations popular in Detroit are based in Canada.

Radio or television programs based or broadcast from Detroit are appropriate for this guide, as are websites representing designated channels that have a focus on the city.

Online news publications in Detroit may be found here as well, as might college or high school publications.



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