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Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and one of the most diverse, and this is represented in the variety of restaurants and cuisine to be found within the city.

Although the majority of Detroiters have been black or African-American since 1990, the city has the second-largest Asian population, particularly in Northeast Detroit and a section of the city bordering on eastern Hamtramck, the latter of which is home to most of the city's Pakistani-Americans. Areas of the city near the Henry Ford Hospital, the Detroit Medical Center, and Wayne State University have diverse transient populations that include students and hospital workers. For the past decade or so, Detroit has had one of the largest concentrations of Hmong-Americans in the country, many of which reside in Northeast Detroit.

Meeting the needs of a diverse population, Detroit is home to several ethnic restaurants.

Detroit also has a widely diverse economy. Due to a long-term loss of industrial and working-class jobs in the city, many Detroit residents are in various stages of poverty. It has recently been estimated that one in three Detroit residents have incomes below the poverty level. At the same time, most new residents are young professionals who are both well educated and living well above the poverty level. Detroit's unique economy is also represented in the types of restaurants and eating establishments available within the city.

Restaurants, bakeries, and other dining establishments in which the primary business model is providing ready-to-eat, prepared foods to customers are appropriate for this category, as are those that sell drinks intended to be consumed on the premises, such as bars and taverns, whereas retail establishments, such as grocery and liquor stores, would be more suitably placed in the Places to Shop category.

The focus of this category is on places to eat or drink in Detroit, Michigan.



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