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Retail businesses in Detroit, Michigan are the focus of this guide, whether operating through a brick-and-mortar outlet or online.

Except where a more specific category exists, websites representing Detroit businesses selling a product would be listed in this category, or one of its subcategories. For example, if the product being sold is a building, it would be more suitable in the Property Sales & Rentals category, and when the product is a service, it would be listed under Services & Industries.

Examples of the types of resources that would be appropriate for this category include websites representing a Detroit auto dealership, a bookstore, or store selling antiques or collectibles, flowers and gifts, furniture, jewelry, office equipment, and supplies, pet products, and sporting goods. Of course, Detroit malls and shopping centers could be listed here.

Businesses using an online-only business model could be listed here as well, as long as they are based in Detroit. In the case of a manufacturing company that offers its products for sale online, a determination would be made as to the primary business model of the company or the primary focus of its website. When the site emphasizes the manufacture of the product, perhaps it should be listed in the Services & Industries category, whereas if the website is primarily an online shopping site, then it should be listed here. In some cases, the shopping area of the site could be listed in this category while the site's index page could be listed under Services & Industries.



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