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Dixboro, Michigan is an unincorporated community in western Superior Township, which is surrounded by the cities of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, and Canton Township.

The chief routes to and through the community are Plymouth Road, North Dixboro Road, and Cherry Hill Road. Church Road parallels Plymouth Road to the north, connecting North Dixboro Road with Plymouth Road, as the latter turns northeast in the eastern portion of the village. The unincorporated community of Frains Lake is to the northeast, less than three miles from Dixboro. The center of Ann Arbor is 5.6 miles southwest, while Ypsilanti is 7.7 miles southeast, Plymouth is 10.9 miles northeast, South Lyon is 11.0 miles north, and Wayne is 17.7 miles to the east.

The community had its beginnings in 1824, when Captain John Dix, a retired sea captain, acquired 450 acres in what was then Ypsilanti Township, a portion of which would later become the village of Dixboro. Dix built a house there in May of 1824, and a barn in July of 1825, which was the first frame barn in the township. In 1826, he established a sawmill, adding a grist mill a few months later. On December 6, 1825, a post office was established in a general store operated by Dix, with Dix as the first postmaster.

In 1827, Dix platted a village around what is now the village square, naming it Dixborough. Before long, the 25-acre village grew to have two sawmills, two grist mills, and three taverns, one owned by Dix, as well as an ashery, a cooperage, a general store, blacksmith shop, creamery, and a brick kiln.

The future looked bright for the growing new village. Many believed that Dixborough might rival Ann Arbor.

There were two setbacks, however, and they may have been related. There were hopes that the railroad line, planned to connect Detroit and St. Joseph, would pass through Dixborough. Instead, the railroad chose a route along the Huron River, passing through Ypsilanti. Captain Dix sold his property and land in 1833 and moved to Texas. Had Dix remained, there were thoughts that Dixboro might have become a larger or more prosperous, community.

The post office was closed on September 25, 1850, but restored on July 11, 1860, with a shortened name, and with Nelson Townsend as postmaster. On January 20, 1863, the post office was again closed, but reopened from May 26, 1890, to June 15, 1905. The village was never incorporated.

Notable features in Dixboro today include the Dixboro General Store, founded in 1840, and still in business, as well as the Humane Society of Huron Valley, which was founded in 1896. Today, Dixboro is largely a residential community, due to its proximity to Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. As an unincorporated community, Dixboro does not have defined borders, but it is concentrated east of the junction of Plymouth Road and Dixboro Road, with most village buildings north of Plymouth Road.



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