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Situated in the center of Dorr Township, Dorr is an unincorporated community in north Allegan County, about twenty miles south of Grand Rapids.

The Red Run, a stream, forms much of the village's southern border, and a portion of its northwestern border.

The main route through Dorr is 142nd Avenue, which connects with US-131 just east of the main part of the village. It intersects with 18th Street in the center of the village. 144th Avenue forms the northern boundaries, 20th Street forms most of its western boundary, and 140th Avenue forms a portion of its southern boundary.

The nearest cities are Wayland (7.2 miles southeast), Wyoming (14.5 miles north), and Hudsonville (17.5 miles northwest), while the nearest incorporated villages are Hopkins (9.3 miles southwest) and Caledonia (14.8 miles northeast), and unincorporated communities within ten miles of Dorr include Moline, North Dorr, Ross, New Salem, Byron Center, Corning, Burnips, Corinth, North Byron, Carlisle, and Gitchel.

Due to its proximity to Grand Rapids and other urban areas, Dorr is primarily a residential community, with outlying agricultural areas. Nevertheless, it is home to several businesses, including restaurants, a market, hardware store, and veterinary clinic, as well as a non-profit television studio and movie theater, sports and recreational facilities, and two elementary schools.

Before the arrival of European-American settlers, the region had long been inhabited by a succession of Algonquian tribes, primarily the Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi, and continues to be the base for the federally recognized Match-ebenash-she-wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians of Michigan, previously known as the Gun Lake Band of the Grand River Ottawa Indians.

The first European-American land purchases in the area was in 1835 and made by Hull Sherwood and Almerin L. Cotton, although Nathaniel Goodspeed and his son, Orrin, were the first to settle there in 1845. The village was platted in 1869 by Frank Neuman, a German immigrant who had built a wagon shop there in 1856. A post office was established on January 3, 1870, with William H. Ewing as the first postmaster. Originally named Dorr Centre, for its position in the center of Dorr Township, both the township and community were named for Thomas William Dorr, the leader of the 1841-1842 Dorr Rebellion in Rhode Island, which forced the repeal of the state's law refusing a vote to those who did not own real estate. Dorr was never incorporated as a village.

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