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Dowling, Michigan is a census-designated, unincorporated community in Baltimore Township, just southeast of central Barry County, in the southern portion of the Lower Peninsula.

The chief route through the community is M-37, which passes roughly north-south through the center of the township, and Dowling is the only named settlement in Baltimore Township. Dowling Road intersects M-37 in the center of the township, and Banfield Road forms lower western boundaries to the township, while Butler Road forms its southern boundaries, Altman Road and Bird Road form its eastern border, and Cloverdale Road is its northern boundary.

Hastings, the center of which is 9.8 miles north, is the nearest incorporated municipality to Dowling, followed by Nashville, Springfield, Battle Creek, and Bellevue. Unincorporated communities within ten miles of Dowling include Cedar Creek, Schultz, Delton, Hickory Corners, and Cloverdale.

Although there are some commercial businesses within the community, Dowling serves largely as a bedroom community for people working in Hastings, Battle Creek, Springfield, Kalamazoo, or Grand Rapids. Clear Lake is in the southern part of the township.

The community was built on land previously owned by John Stall in the 1840s, at which time it was informally known as Baltimore, as it was, and is, the only significant settlement in Baltimore Township, probably named for Baltimore, Maryland, the former home of some of its early settlers. A post office was established in Baltimore on May 30, 1850, with John Baker as its first postmaster. On March 16, 1880, the name of the post office was changed to Dowling.

Today, the Dowling post office serves the southern portion of the township, and portions of Assyria Township to the southeast, Barry Township to the southwest, Hope Township to the west, Johnstown Township to the south, and Maple Grove Township to the east.

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