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Surrounded by Dundee Township, in Monroe County, the Village of Dundee, Michigan is about twenty-five miles south of Ann Arbor and about fifty miles southwest of Detroit. By land area, Dundee is the largest village in the state.

Situated in the southeastern Lower Peninsula, US-23 and M-50 intersect in the village's downtown district. Other routes leading to and from the village include Ann Arbor Road, Brewer Road, Custer Road, Radka Road, Stowell Road, and Wilcox Road. Nearby incorporated cities and villages include Petersburg, Britton, Deerfield, Lloyd Road, Milan, Maybee, Monroe, Tecumseh, and Blissfield.

The Little River Raisin and River Raisin join just south of Dundee's southwestern border, after which the River Raisin forms a small portion of the village's southern border before flowing north and east through the southeastern tip of the village. Just northwest of the village, Macon Creek and the South Branch of Macon Creek come together to form the Macon River, which flows generally east and south, to join the River Raisin east of Dundee.

Although the population of the village has increased steadily since 1910, except for those who lived in the village, Dundee was little more than a stop for drivers traveling north or south along US-23, whose destination was elsewhere. However, between 1990 and 2000, the village grew by more than thirty-two percent, another twelve percent by 2010, and it is anticipated that it will increase its population by another sixteen percent in the 2020 census.

Many of Dundee's historic buildings have been restored, there are several old and new hotels to serve visitors, along with restaurants, shopping venues, and new residential developments. The village has a new high school, an industrial park, a new water system, and its sewage disposal system is soon to be expanded.

The first land purchase made in the area that was to become Dundee was made by William Remington in 1823, although Riley Ingersoll became the first settler when he came from New York in 1824. In the early 1830s, Sybrant Van Ness came to the area to build a mill. He laid out the townsite, and the settlement that arose became known as Van Ness's Mills. Over the years, several names were applied to the developing town, including Winfield. On May 2, 1834, a post office was established in the home of John H. Montgomery, who became the first postmaster.

Montgomery was succeeded by Alonzo Curtis on January 11, 1836. He decided to move the post office a couple of miles to the west, where the largest amount of settlement had taken place. He renamed the post office, Dundee, for his ancestral home in Scotland. The township had already taken that name. The name stuck, and Dundee was incorporated as a village in 1855.

As the town grew, new residential areas were developed around the downtown area, and along the River Raisin. In time, its downtown district expanded to both sides of the river. As road improvements made it easier for people to live in Dundee and live elsewhere, new residents worked in Ann Arbor or other nearby cities. Over the years, Dundee began to attract some industries of its own, allowing residents to live and work in Dundee. Beginning in the 2000s, the village has enjoyed significant growth in commercial and retail businesses, particularly in the area of the US-23 and M-50 intersection, which has contributed to a corresponding growth in its population.

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