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The small village of Eagle, Michigan is in the center of Eagle Township, which is in the southwestern corner of Clinton County, in the central Lower Peninsula.

Eagle is about fifteen miles northwest of Lansing. Nearby cities and villages include Grand Ledge, Portland, Westphalia, and Mulliken. The main routes to and from the village are South Grange Road, which connects Eagle with I=96 just north of town, and West Grand River Highway, which roughly parallels the interstate to the south. South Grange Road also serves as the eastern boundary of the village.

Eagle was first settled by Anthony Niles and Stephen B. Groger in 1834, and named for the township. On February 15, 1841, a post office was established, with William Fletcher Jenison as the first postmaster. However, the post office was named Waverly, but it took the name of the town on February 4, 1842.

In the 1870s, amidst a discussion of the Ionia and Lansing Railroad coming through the area, George W. McCrumb persuaded the township to issue bonds against the township to persuade the railroad to pass through land that he had acquired a half-mile east of Eagle. In 1872, McCrumb donated land for a railroad depot and a Methodist church in that area. In 1873, McCrumb platted a village and recorded it, after which the Eagle post office was moved one mile east.

That same year, Loyal W. Hill opened a store in Eagle, marking the beginning of commercial enterprise within the village. Soon, John Force opened a blacksmith shop, several people built homes there, and McCrumb laid the foundation for a large building that he later leased to Messrs. Cole & Marsh, who opened a general store there. In 1876, Messrs. Cole & Marsh also opened a hardware store, and Eugene Marsh opened a public house. In 1879, Washburn Strickland opened a large hotel.

By 1880, Eagle had a couple of general stores, a grocery store, a hardware store, a couple of blacksmith shops, a millinery, a combined sawmill and feed mill, a post office, and a public school.

Eagle has never been a large town. Its peak population was 175 in 1970, and its current population is 120, the same as it was when it first appeared on a census in 1880.

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