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The focus of this category is on manufacturing and service industries in East Jordan, Michigan.

From its founding as a lumber town, to its role as the birthplace of EJ USA, originally known as East Jordan Iron Works, East Jordan has always been dependent on industry. Over the past couple of decades, however, advances in broadband digital communications and the rapid transport of manufactured goods have changed the global economy, the effect being that communities throughout Michigan have been losing manufacturing jobs. This has not left East Jordan unaffected.

Nevertheless, manufacturing is still an important component of East Jordan's economy. For example, East Jordan Plastics Company has been in operation for more than seventy years, and New Fence of Michigan produces, installs, and repairs a variety of gates and fences.

Besides manufacturing, other businesses appropriate for this category include East Jordan construction companies and other contractors, such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, landscapers, home inspection companies, painting services. Moving and relocation companies, housecleaning services, utility companies may be found here, as well. Local funeral homes may be listed here, along with printing and publishing companies, photographers, employment agencies, and any of a variety of financial services, like banks, credit unions, accountants, insurance agencies, and financial consultants. Lawyers or law firms based in East Jordan are suitable for this category, too. Auto repair services, autobody shops, computer repair companies, and other repair services in East Jordan may be listed here, and these are just a few examples.



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