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The focal point of this category is on education, teaching, and learning in East Lansing, Michigan.

East Lansing is known for being the home of Michigan State University, of course, as MSU was there before East Lansing was even a village, and the city was built around the university. MSU is a public land-grant research university. MSU has several residential colleges and professional schools.

Public school students in East Lansing are covered by East Lansing Public Schools, which includes students from parts of Lansing, Lansing Township, and Meridian Township, offering a PK-12th-grade education through six elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school.

There are also several private and church-sponsored schools offering childcare services, preschool, pre-kindergarten, or a K-12 curriculum.

Whether operated as a public institution, through a church or as a private institution, websites representing schools and educational programs in East Lansing are appropriate resources for this category, as are homeschooling resources and other topics related to education in East Lansing.



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