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Named for its position in southeastern Leroy Township, East Leroy, Michigan is one of six unincorporated communities in the township, the others being Joppa, Pine Creek, Sonoma, West Leroy, and Morgan Corners.

As an unincorporated community, East Leroy lacks defined borders, but it is located near the intersection of M-66 and K Drive South (K Dr. S). The East Leroy post office is at K Dr S and 4 Mile Road. Nearby incorporated villages and cities include Athens (5.8 miles), Burlington (10.0 miles), Battle Creek (11.0 miles), Climax (11.6 miles), and Springfield (14.3 miles).

The first land purchase in the area was by Ira Case in 1835, although David C. Fish became the first permanent settler in the township when he came in 1836. When the township was organized in 1837, it was named for his first-born son, LeRoy Fish. A large marsh divided East Leroy from West Leroy.

Other early settlers included Ira Case, who moved to his land in 1837, as well as Heman Baker and his wife, Timothy Kelsey, and Jonathan Sprague, who came with his six sons and two daughters. Write J. Esmond came in 1836. In 1837, several families came to the new settlement, including those of T.B. Barnum, Harlow Burdick, Dudley N. Bushnell, John H. Bushnell, Jeremiah Drake, Isaac Hiscock, Seth Hiscock, Polydore Hudson, Silas Kelsey, John E. Mulholland, John E. Robbins, and Thomas Wilson.

On June 28, 1852, a post office was opened under the name Secillia, with William H. Giles as its first postmaster. On November 6, 1871, the post office was closed. It was reopened on January 6, 1872, and renamed East Leroy in 1874.

Never large, East Leroy is a small residential community with little in the way of industry, although there are some family-owned businesses, agricultural businesses, and an elementary school. The post office is still in operation.

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