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The Village of Eastlake, Michigan is on the eastern shore of Manistee Lake, across from the City of Manistee, in southern Manistee Township, in the southwestern portion of Manistee County.

The Manistee River, north of Eastlake, flows west into Manistee Lake, and then connects the lake with Lake Michigan to the west. Eastlake is situated on a high bluff, presenting a scenic view of the City of Manistee and the Manistee River.

Although the City of Manistee is directly across the lake from Eastlake, sharing a common border, the distance from the center of Eastlake to the center of Manistee is 4.1 miles because it is necessary to drive around the north end of the lake. Nearby villages include Onekama (12.7 miles), Freesoil (13.3 miles), Bear Lake (16.3 miles), Kaliva (20.4 miles), and Fountain (21.8 miles). The main route through the village is M-55 (Caberfae Highway), which passes through the northeast corner of the village. Other routes include Eastlake Road, East Lake Road, Olson Road, and Pine Creek Road. Harris Road forms the southern boundary of the village, then connects with M-55 to the east.

With a current population of just over 500, Eastlake's peak population was 1,856, the first year that it appears on a census report, and its lowest point was 392 in 1930, reflecting the crash of the forest industry.

As with much of Michigan, the first European-American settlers in Eastlake came for the forests. Louis Sands built a sawmill there around 1870, which he sold to Richard G. Peters in 1879. Peters was apparently responsible for platting the village, as he is referred to in an 1881 record as the proprietor of the village of Eastlake.

Although the railroad was late in getting to Eastlake, in 1880 the Manistee Railroad, a subsidiary of the Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad, began laying track along the east side of Manistee Lake, on its way to Manistee and Lake Michigan, giving the F&PM access to area lumbering and salt manufacturing resources. A station was established at Eastlake. In the 1890s. the Manistee, Filer City, and East Lake Railway was created as a fourteen-mile stretch connecting Eastlake with Filer City via Manistee, connecting with the F&PM and the Michigan East and West depots.

On May 21, 1883, a post office was established at Eastlake, with Henry W. Magoon as the first postmaster. Eastlake was incorporated as a village in 1912, at which time its population was already in decline. Today, Eastlake is primarily a residential community, often considered a Manistee suburb, although its location on Manistee Lake and its proximity to the Manistee River and Lake Michigan have made it a popular summer place.

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