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The Village of Eau Claire, Michigan is in eastern Berrien County, in the southwestern Lower Peninsula, mostly in Berrien Township, with a portion extending north into Pipestone Township.

The chief routes to and from the village are Pipestone Road (Main Street) and Eau Claire Road (Linn Street). Hochberger Road forms a small portion of the village's western boundary in the south, and Hipps Hollow Road forms its southern boundary. Old Pipestone Road begins at Main Street and runs north from the village.

Eau Claire is just a few miles northeast, and across the Saint Joseph River, from Berrien Springs. Other nearby cities and villages include Dowagiac (10.4 miles), Baroda (12.5 miles), Niles (12.8 miles), Benton Harbor (13.4 miles), St. Joseph (14.9 miles), Bridgman (15.5 miles), Stevensville (16.2 miles), and Buchanan (16.6 miles).

Eau Claire is situated in the fruit belt of Michigan, with the hilly country around the town covered with fruit trees and grapevines. For the most part, the small village populated by professionals, sales and office workers, and service providers. A large number of them telecommute to their jobs, with nearly ten percent of the village's workforce working from home.

With a large number of single-family homeownership, a good public school district, and a low crime rate, Eau Claire is a good place for families with children.

Although European-Americans were in the area as early as the 1830s or before, the area was largely virgin forest when Martin Reese came from England in 1850, taking up a homestead. In some accounts, he is acknowledged as the first permanent settler in Eau Claire. In 1861, William Smyth Farmer and R.J. Tulle, a township supervisor, applied for a post office that was named for a nearby creek. The post office was established on November 7, 1861, with Henry Buch as its postmaster. Eau Claire was incorporated as a village in 1891.

In the early 1900s, a factory was opened on what is now Old Pipestone Road to manufacture baskets for the fruit industry, taking advantage of the availability of local timber and the local need, since the fruit industry was already strong in the area. An Interurban Railway was built between Benton Harbor and Dowagiac by the Benton Harbor & St. Joseph Railway and Light Company. It ran through Eau Claire for a short time before it was replaced by the advance of the trucking industry.

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