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Situated in Rock River Township in west Alger County, in the Upper Peninsula, Eben Junction, Michigan is a couple of miles west of Chatham.

As an unincorporated community, Eben Junction doesn't have defined borders, but it is located in the area of M-94 and Eben Road, southwest and west of the Hiawatha National Forest. Slapneck Creek is north of the community, while the South Branch of Slapneck Creek flows through it.

The center of Munising is 20.3 miles east-northeast of Eben Junction, while Marquette is 28.6 miles northwest. Nearby unincorporated communities include Rumely, Sundell, Dorsey, Slapneck, Dixon, and Rock River.

Never a large community, Eben Junction is a tiny community today. The Superior Central School District is located in the community, operating an elementary and combined middle school and high school on one large campus. Other than that, Eben Junction has a couple of bars and a restaurant, and perhaps some home businesses. Its area is largely agricultural or wooded. Formed from melting snow that runs over the edge of a small cliff and freezes, the Eben Ice Caves are nearby.

Eben Junction was founded as a railroad town, and named for its position at the junction of the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad and the Munising Railway lines. Its post office was established on August 1, 1908, with Emil Hoppe as the first postmaster. Its early settlers were mostly Finnish immigrants. On some maps, the community was labeled Eben.

With a focus on the community of Eben Junction, Michigan, online resources representing individuals, businesses, industries, schools, churches, organizations, attractions, or events within the area served by the Eben Junction post office are appropriate for this category, although its post office serves a portion of Rock River Township outside of the community, as well as a portion of Onota Township.



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