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Situated on the east side of the Tittabawassee River, opposite the confluence of the Tobacco and the Tittabawassee Rivers, Edenville, Michigan is in northeast Edenville Township, near Midland County's boundary with Gladwin County.

As an unincorporated community, Edenville doesn't have defined boundaries, but it is located along M-30, which runs south as it crosses the Tittabawassee River, passing through the center of the village, swinging west at the southern part of the village. Settlement has extended northward along M-30 and the Tobacco River shores of what was once Wixom Lake, which may be considered part of Edenville, but are actually part of Tobacco Township. Besides M-30, other routes to and from the village include Curtis Road, Levely Road, and Water Road.

Nearby cities and villages include Beaverton, Sanford, and Coleman.

Wixom Lake was created through the construction of the Edenville Dam, about one mile north of Edenville, in 1925. However, in May of 2020, the Tittabawassee River flooded, and a large earthen portion of the dam collapsed, completely emptying the lake, and changing the course of the river.

The first land purchases in was to become Edenville was by Jacob Bailey and Charles Taylor, although neither of them ever lived in the area that was then known as The Forks. Before 1854, the place was inhabited only by transient lumber workers. Acknowledged as the town's founders, its first settlers were Sylvester Erivay, who came in 1854, Aaron Havens, David Burton, and Daniel Bowman, who came in 1855, and Alvin Marsh, who came in 1859. At that time, the settlement was known variously as The Forks or as Sixteen, for its location (Section 1, Township 16, Range 1 West).

A post office was established on March 16, 1868. Henry Church, its first postmaster, named it Edenville as a tribute to its natural beauty. Edenville Township was organized in 1873. Although the village was platted, it was never incorporated.

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