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The village of Emmett, Michigan is in the southeastern corner of Emmett Township, in St. Clair County, within the lower Thumb Region of the Lower Peninsula.

The chief routes through the village are M-19, which is also known as Kinney Road, and serves as Main Street within the village, and Dunnigan Road, which intersects M-19 in the north-central portion of Emmett. Other routes include Brandon Road and Emmett Road. I-69 is just south of the village and is connect via M-19. Nearby cities and villages include Memphis (7.1 miles), Yale (7.1 miles), Capac (10.8 miles), Richmond (12.5 miles), Armada (16.1 miles), Imlay City (17.5 miles), Melvin (17.9 miles), Almont (18.8 miles), and Port Huron (19.3 miles).

Emmett is a very small village. Its peak population was 297, which it achieved in 1970 and again in 1990. Its low points were in 1920 and 1930, when its population was 175 and 199, and for the rest of its history, its population has been in the 200s. The surrounding community is largely agricultural, and the village hosts the Eastern Michigan Grain Elevator, the largest in the county. Most village residents commute to nearby larger cities, such as Richmond, Imlay City, and Port Huron.

Emmett Township was organized in 1850, and named for Robert Emmett, an Irish patriot who was executed after leading a rebellion against British rule in 1803. Several of the residents of Emmett, then and now, are of Irish heritage, including James Cogley, David Donahue, Patrick Fitzgerald, Dennis Gleason, Patrick Kennedy, and Henry P. McCabe.

In 1956, Thomas Crowley platted a portion of his land as the village of Mount Crowley, although the area was level land. On December 13, 1869, a post office was established in Mount Crowley, although the post office took the name of Emmett. Shortly afterward, the village took the same name, and Emmett was incorporated as a village in 1883.

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