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Erie, Michigan is a small community in the northwest corner of Erie Township, Monroe County, in the southeast Lower Peninsula.

The chief routes to and from the town is South Dixie Highway (M-125), which cuts through the center of town, and forms a portion of its boundaries in the southwest and northeast. East Erie Road intersects South Dixie Highway and forms a large portion of its northern border, except for a piece in the center that extends north to Creston Drive. A narrow strip of the town extends west, south of East Erie Road as far as Bay Creek, as far as the railroad, which parallels Telegraph Road (US-24). Summit Street forms its eastern boundary. The development has continued beyond these boundaries, and many of these new houses and businesses are commonly considered to be in Erie.

The nearest Michigan cities and villages are Luna Pier, which is only 3.5 miles northeast of Erie, as well as Monroe (10.1 miles north-northeast), and Maybee (19.6 miles north). The center of Toledo, Ohio is 11.4 miles south of Erie. Unincorporated communities within twenty miles of Erie include Temperance, La Salle, Liberty Corners, North Shores, Grand View, Lost Peninsula, Lambertville, Ida, and Lulu.

Erie was settled as early as 1790 by French settlers who moved south from Frenchtown, which is now Monroe. Originally, they cut clearings in walnut stands nearer to the bay, but the settlement eventually moved inland. A log church in the early settlement was known as St. Joseph Sur la Baie Miami and was served by Rev. Gabriel Richard, who came intermittently between 1798 and 1820.

A post office was established in the village on April 18, 1827, with Benoni M. Newkirk as postmaster. The post office was initially called Bay Settlement, but the next postmaster, Salmon Keeney, had the name changed to Erie, to match the township, on March 5, 1835.

The focus of this guide is on the community of Erie, Michigan. Given that Erie is an unincorporated community, and that development has extended beyond its borders on all sides, it can be difficult to determine whether or not an address is within the boundaries of Erie. For our purposes, if it carries an Erie postal address, this would be an appropriate category.



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