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Adjacent to Bay City, to the west, the City of Essexville is otherwise surrounded by Bangor and Hampton townships. It is set on the southern banks of the Saginaw River, in southwest Bay County.

Essexville is primarily a residential community. Although the city has some light industry and commercial businesses, most of its residents commute to other nearby cities in the Saginaw-Bay City-Midland region. The city's business district, along Woodside Avenue, includes a variety of retail and specialty businesses. Essexville's waterfront area is the closest port to the Saginaw Bay and is used for the bulk storage of petroleum products, cement, stone, and agricultural products.

Besides Bay City, the nearest cities and villages to Essexville are Auburn (12.4 miles), Zilwaukee (14.5 miles), Reese (16.3 miles), Saginaw (17.3 miles), and Akron (19.4 miles).

Essexville was named for Ransom P. Essex, acknowledged to have been the first European-American settler, although he came to the area with Joseph Hudson, his son-in-law. Mr. Essex platted a village in 1867 and named it Essex, but the early settlers referred to it as Essexville and, when a post office was established on February 27, 1871, it took the name of Essexville. William L. Ames was the first postmaster, but he was soon succeeded by Mr. Essex, who held that office until he died in 1874. The post office was closed on January 20, 1879, but it was reopened on February 24, 1879, and remains active today.

Essexville was incorporated as a village in 1883, and it became a city in 1934.

Located in Essexville, the Essexville-Hampton Public School District provides a K-12 public school curriculum for students within the city, as well as Hampton Township. Within the city limits, the district operates Garber High School, Bay-Arenac Community High School, Cramer Junior High School, and Bush Elementary School, as well as Verellen Elementary School, which is situated just east of the city.

Police, fire, and emergency medical services are provided through the Essexville Department of Public Safety, which utilizes full-time and on-call personnel. Each of its full-time employees is certified as police officers, firefighters, and Medical First Responders, or higher.

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