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Fairview, Michigan is north and west of the Huron National Forest, in the North Michigan portion of the Lower Peninsula.

Situated in Comins Township, Oscoda County, Fairview is an unincorporated community and, as such, it has no defined boundaries. However, it is concentrated in the area around the intersection of M-33/72 (East Miller Road) and North Abbe Road. Rose City is the only incorporated municipality within twenty-five miles of Fairview. However, the unincorporated community of Comins is less than two miles to the east, just within the Huron National Forest, Kneeland is about three miles southwest, and Biggs Settlement is just over five miles west-southwest. Mio, the county seat, is just over eight miles to the northeast.

Given its location on the edge of a national forest, and its proximity to the Au Sable State Forest and the Rifle River State Recreation Area, the community sees a lot of visitors who come for outdoor recreation, including birding, boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Additionally, Fairview Area Schools hosts the Eagle Festival each year, and the town has other attractions.

For example, the Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad, in Fairview, is a 16-inch, 1/4-scale ridable miniature railway that runs through parts of the Huron National Forest and the Comins Creek Valley. Also, the Steiner Museum is in Fairview, highlighting the history of Oscoda County and its six townships, including a circa 1885 log schoolhouse and a collection of agricultural, educational, and home improvement artifacts. Cedar Valley Campground not only offers camping and RV accommodations, but it includes a frontier fun park and two golf courses. Although much of the facilities are in nearby Mio, one of its golf courses - The Pines - is in Fairview.

Fairview Area Schools is a K-12th-grade public school on one campus in Fairview. Additionally, the area is served by Fairview Eagle's Nest Preschool, an independent program within the Fairview Area Schools district.

The focal point of this guide is on the community known as Fairview, Michigan. Although there have historically been other communities by that name within the state, most of them are now defunct or have been absorbed by nearby cities.

There is an unincorporated community by the same name in Mason County. Situated in Summit Township, a post office existed there from October 12, 1860, to June 11, 1874, and again from December 15, 1875, to May 2, 1876. Topics related to the community of Fairview in Mason County may also be listed in this category.

However, the majority of the resources here will be to the community by that name in Oscoda County. Founded by W.L. Bond, Alex Scott, the Fairview post office, still in operation, was established on August 24, 1883, with Alex Scott as the first postmaster. W.L. Bond is acknowledged as the town's founder, and a railroad station was established there in the late 1800s by the Au Sable & Northwestern Railroad. Originally a narrow-gauge railroad developed to serve the area's lumber industry, the line was changed to standard gauge after it was leased to the Detroit & Mackinac Railroad in 1910. It was abandoned in 1927.

There are not a lot of businesses or industries in Fairview but there are some, generally serving the local population and visitors who come to the area for outdoor adventures and recreation. Online resources representing individuals, businesses, industries, churches, schools, organizations, attractions, events, or other entities in Fairview are appropriate topics for this category. As Fairview does not have defined boundaries, those carrying a Fairview postal address may be found here, as well. The Fairview post office serves most of Comins Township, as well as parts of Clinton and Mentor townships.



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