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Sometimes known as Clam Union, Falmouth, Michigan is in the northwestern corner of Clam Union Township, in southern Missaukee County.

As an unincorporated community, Falmouth is without defined borders, but it can be found in the northwestern corner of the township, from South Forward Road along East Prosper Road, north of the Clam River Dam and east of the Clam River, and south off of South Main Street, as far as East Falmouth Road.

The nearest incorporated municipalities are McBain (9.8 miles), Lake City (13.4 miles), and Marion (13.4 miles). Nearby unincorporated communities include Prosper, Vogel Center, Moddersville, and Butterfield.

Like many Michigan communities, Falmouth began as a lumber town. Originally, it was known as Pen Hook, with various spellings (Pinhook, Pin Hook). When a post office was established on December 18, 1871, its name was changed to Falmouth. Eugene W. Watson was its first postmaster. In 1873, it lost by one vote from being named the county seat, with Reeder (Lake City) receiving the designation. John Koopman opened a store in Falmouth in 1879. A couple of years later, he bought the village plat, including a sawmill, a shingle mill, and a grist mill. Although platted, Falmouth was never incorporated as a village.

Still in operation, the Falmouth post office serves part of northern and eastern Clam Union Township, as well as all of Holland Township and small portions of Aetna, Butterfield, Reeder, and Riverside townships. As there are no defined boundaries to the community, online resources representing businesses, churches, schools, organizations, and other entities with a Falmouth postal address might be found here, unless they are clearly located in another community.



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