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The city of Fennville is in Allegan County, in the southwestern portion of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, straddling the boundary between Manlius Township and Clyde Township.

Situated along M-89, Fennville is 9.3 miles southeast of the center of Douglas. Other nearby cities include Saugatuck, Holland, Allegan, and South Haven.

Acknowledged as the founder of Fennville, Henry Blakslee came to the area and build a home in 1860. However, he joined the union army in 1861 and was killed in action during the Civil War. In 1862, Elim A. Fenn, along with Eli Lewis, Bill to sawmill there in 1862. In reference to the mill, people began to refer to the settlement as Fenn's Mill. In time, this was pluralized to Fenn's Mills, which was the name of the post office that was established there and February 27, 1868. Mr. Fenn was the first postmaster.

The Village was planted in 1871 by Emerson and Company, who owned much of the land there, and the post office was renamed Fennville on September 27 of the year. In October of that year, at about the same time as the Great Chicago Fire, much of the village burned to the ground. The village was rebuilt on adjacent land platted by M.C. Wilson, and it was incorporated as a village in 1889. Fennville became a city in 1961.

Other than a slight decline in 1950 and again in 2010, the population of Fennville has shown steady growth. Its current population is just over 1,400.

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