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Filer City, Michigan the largest community in Filer Charter Township. It is on the south side of Manistee Lake, a couple of miles south of the City of Manistee.

The main routes through Filer City are Filer City Road and Stronach Road, both of which connect to US-31 (Grant Highway) a mile or so to the west. Filer City Road ends at Filer City, while Stronach Road runs south and east around the lake, connecting Filer City with the unincorporated community of Stronach, on the other side of the lake, a drive of just over a mile. The unincorporated community of Oak Hill is about a mile to the northwest, and the village of East Lake, directly across the lake from Manistee, a drive of about four miles from Filer City.

Despite the name, Filer City is not actually a city, by Michigan statute, nor is it a village. Filer City is an unincorporated community and a census-designated place. For the purposes of the census, Filer City includes all of the township.

Delos L. Filer came to the southwestern corner of Manistee County with his adult children and built the D.L. Filor & Sons sawmill in 1867. One of his sons, Elihu G. Filer, became the first postmaster on March 10, 1868, and the village was platted the same year. Although the post office was closed on April 12, 1871, it was restored on July 13, 1883, and remains in operation today.

In 1887, the Manistee & North Eastern Railroad established a station in Siler city, although the station was known as Filers Switch. The M&NE was a short, standard gauge line serving several counties in the northwestern segment of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The M&NE was built to serve the lumber industry, carrying logs to mills in Manistee, although it was also used to haul potatoes, orchard fruit, and grain. In 1955, it was consolidated into the Chesapeake and Ohio railway.

Today, filer city service is a suburb of The Manistee community, although it enjoys a significant industrial base, including paper products and salt processing operations. Filer City also boasts a scenic area overlooking Manistee Lake to the east, and its proximity to Lake Michigan brings visitors into the community as well.

The focus of this category is on the community known as Filer City, Michigan. Unlike many other unincorporated communities, Filer City has boundaries designated by the Census Bureau. Appropriate topics for this category may include businesses, industries, schools, places of worship, organizations, attractions, and events within the area of Filer City, which may include anything that carries a Filer City postal address.



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