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The focus of this guide is going to be on education and instruction in the city of Flat Rock, Michigan.

Colleges and universities in Flat Rock would be appropriate topics for this category, although I don't believe there are any within the city. Flat Rock's K-12 population has several options, however.

Flat Rock Community Schools is the primary K-12 public school provider for the city. Its programs are provided through four campuses, plus a virtual school. Ethel C. Bobcean Elementary School handles the kindergarten through the third-grade curriculum. John M Barnes Elementary School is a 4-5th grade school located just south of the middle school campus. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders attend Thomas Simpson Intermediate School, which is a one-level structure with classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, and swimming pool. Adjoining Flat Rock Community Park on the northwest, Flat Rock High School serves the city's 9-12th-grade population. Available to students in grades K-12, the district also supports Flat Rock Academic Virtual Academy, through which all course offerings are supported by qualified and certified teachers.

Another option for the K-12 population in River Heights Academy, which was previously known as Summit Academy Flat Rock. Situated in the southern part of the city, River Heights is a tuition-free school of choice, which does not require entrance exams, and is open to all students. It is managed by Distinctive Schools, a nonprofit organization. The Academy enrolls students from pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade.

There may be others, as well. Any educational institution or program in Flat Rock, at any level, would be appropriate for this category. This may include childcare centers, pre-kindergarten, preschools, Montessori schools, as well as K-12 schools, whether operated as a public school district, as a private school, or as a religious school. Vocational schools, colleges, universities in Flat Rock with also be appropriate, as word specialized training programs, such as driver trading, articles, dance schools, music instruction, and so on.



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