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The City of Fraser, Michigan is a suburb of the Detroit Metro region.

It is bordered by Sterling Heights and Warren to the west, Roseville to the south and east, and Clinton Township to the north. The center of Detroit is about twenty miles from the center of Fraser. The city is bounded by 15 Mile Road, Kelly Road, 13 Mile Road, and Hayes Road.

By the middle of the 19th century, Macomb county was growing. Mount Clemens, Romeo, and Utica had been established. In 1851, the Utica Road was built from the Gratiot Turnpike to the City of Utica. In 1858, the Chicago, Detroit and Canada grand trunk junction railroad built a depot and what is still called Depot Road. The Utica Road and the railroad depot were the beginnings of what was to become Fraser.

Recognizing its commercial opportunities, Alexander J Frazer, a lawyer from Detroit, acquired land near the railroad in Fraser in 1858. He planted a subdivision, build some houses, and opened a hotel near the depot. By 1870, he had so much of his land at a profit and was living back in Detroit. Where he drowned in 1871. When a post office was established on June 14, 1860, it was named for him, although the spelling differed slightly. Leonard Scott was the first postmaster. The post office was closed on September 13, 1860, but was restored a few days later, still with Mr. Scott as postmaster. And October 15, 1860, the post office was renamed McPhersonville, for William McPherson, a pioneer settler, but it was changed back to Fraser on January 13, 1863, when the Grand Trunk railroad came through a quarter of a mile from the post office, naming its depot Fraser.

The community was incorporated as the village of Frazer in 1895, but its name was changed the Fraser in 1928. Fraser became a city in 1956.

Many of the early settlers in Fraser were German immigrants who were, and the hall, more prosperous than many other immigrants. Some of the first German settlers were George Fleischut, John Oehmke, Justus Wormsbacher, Christopher and Sophia Arnes, Henry and Theodore Rattman, and Fred Eberlein, who opened a blacksmith shop in 1856, and a barrel stave mill later in the year.

Until 1840, the village grew slowly. Between 1840 and 1850, its population had risen from 747 to 1,379 and, by 1960, there were 7,027 in Fraser. Its current population is nearly 14,500.

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