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The City of Fremont is in Newaygo County in the central-western Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Straddling Dayton and Sheridan townships, the city includes First Lake, Second Lake, and Third Lake in the northeast, and Fremont Lake in the southwest. The chief route to and from the city is M-82, which enters the city from the south, where it becomes South Stewart Avenue, then turns west in downtown Fremont, where it becomes West Main Street. Cities and villages within twenty miles of Fremont include Newaygo, Hesperia, White Cloud, and Grant.

Before its European-American settlement, the area was home to various Native American tribes, such as the Ottawa, Chippewa, and Potawatomi. Archeological evidence, including burial grounds, landmarks, and other findings suggest that the region had been inhabited for centuries, or longer, before the European-Americans came.

While there were probably European-American settlers in the early 1800s, there were not enough of them to form a town. In 1854, Daniel R. Joslin built a log cabin in the area that was then known as Elm Corners. In 1855, a group led by Daniel Weaver and Wilkes Stuart cleared land and prepared the area for agriculture, although lumbering remained a significant part of the area's economy until sometime after the Civil War. On August 23, 1856, a post office was established, and named Weaverville, for Daniel Weaver, who served as the first postmaster.

In November of 1855, Fremont Township was organized, and named for John C. Fremont, the first Republican candidate for president. On October 18, 1862, the town and post office names were changed to Fremont Center. The town was incorporated as the village of Freemont Center in 1875. In 1867, the remainder of Fremont Township was divided into parts of Dayton, Sheridan, and Sherman townships. On December 4, 1911, Fremont was incorporated as a city, at which time the name was shortened.

In the 1870s, the Gerber family moved to Fremont, and have been key contributors to the city ever since. Originally, the Gerbers operated a tannery but, in the 1890s, they turned their attention to food processing. The Gerber plant in Fremont began manufacturing baby foods in 1928, and the Gerber Products Company is currently the leading producer of baby food in the nation.

Dutch immigrants began moving to what was then Fremont Center in the 1870s, and the community still enjoys a strong Dutch heritage. In the past few decades, an Amish community has established itself in the Fremont area, contributing greatly to its rural and agricultural lifestyle.

Today, the focal point of the city is its historic Central Business District, concentrated along Main Street, particularly between Weaver Avenue and Darling Avenue. At the west end of the downtown district is Veterans Memorial Park, which features an amphitheater, picnic areas, and a play area for children. The east end of the district includes the city hall and library.

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