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Gaines, Michigan is a village in the southeastern corner of Gaines Township, in southeast Genesee County.

The chief routes to and from the village are Ray Road, which forms its southern boundary, Demond Road, which parallels the railroad, entering the village in the northwest, becoming Walker Street, and Symons Road, which parallels the railroad on the other side of the tracks, entering in the southeast, becoming Park Street. Markley Road leads south from Ray Road.

The City of Flint is about twenty miles northeast of Gaines. Other nearby cities and villages include Byron, Durand, Bancroft, Swartz Creek, Linden, Lennon, Vernon, Corunna, Fenton, Morrice, Grand Blanc, Owosso, Flushing, and Perry.

Never a large town, since 1880, the first year in which Gaines appeared on a census report, its population has fluctuated between the 200s and the 400s, its average population being 333. Its peak population was 440 in 1980, and it had a population of 380 at the time of the 2010 census.

The first European-American settler in the area was Hartford Cargill, who came in 1836. Joshua Dart came in 1839, and it was he who, when the township was organized in 1842, had it named for his friend, General Edmund P. Gaines, a veteran of the War of 1812, the Seminole Wars, the Black Hawk War, and the Mexican-American War.

On October 4, 1852, a rural post office was opened on the Bergen C. Covert farm, east of the current Gaines townsite and named Gaines.

In 1854, the Detroit, Grand Haven, and Milwaukee Railway came through the current Gaines townsite and built a station named Gaines Station, for the township. This was the first building erected on the future townsite. In anticipation of the railway station, the original Gaines post office was renamed Covert on January 2, 1863, although it was closed on April 13, 1865.

In 1856, the Grand Trunk Western Railroad began providing passenger services, operating out of the Gaines Station depot. Today, the Gaines Station branch of the Genesee District Library is now housed in the former Grand Trunk Western Railroad depot, one of the oldest in Michigan.

The Gaines Station post office was established in 1865, and renamed Gaines on September 25, 1902. The village of Gaines was platted in 1859, and incorporated in 1875.

In August of 2016, the sole village police officer retired, and the village council dissolved the police department in March of 2017, opting to contract with Gaines Township for law enforcement.

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