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The City of Galesburg, Michigan is in Kalamazoo County, roughly equidistant from the cities of Kalamazoo to the west, and Battle Creek to the east, each of which are about ten miles away. The Kalamazoo River forms the city's southern boundary.

Although administered separately, Galesburg spans Comstock and Charleston townships. M-96 passes through the city's downtown district, and I-94 is just south of Galesburg, with exits south of the city's west side and about one mile to the east. Besides Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, other nearby cities and villages include Augusta, Climax, Richland, Parchment, Springfield, Portage, Vicksburg, and Plainwell.

Galesburg first appears on a census report in 1870, when it had a population of 140. By 1890, it had grown to 702. After that, it had a couple of decades of a slight decline, but the only other time in its history that it has declined was in 1970 when it lost 3.9% of its population. In 2010, the city's population was 2,009. While not a large town, Galesburg has shown steady growth throughout its history.

Galesburg was founded in 1835 by George L. Gale, a Vermont lawyer. Although others were there before him, felling trees and building homes as early as 1829, Gale is credited as being the community's founder largely because of his fervent promotion. Although unable to follow through on his dreams, Gale's vision for the new town was high. When he platted a village, he included an area large enough to support a population of forty thousand.

Reportedly, he hired men to build a mill race, diverting part of Gull Creek to the Kalamazoo River to power a mill that was promised to be built. When they became aware that Gale lacked the funds to pay them, the work stopped. After a few years, Gale moved away and filed for bankruptcy in 1842.

When Gale platted the town, he did not name it for himself. He named it Morton, in honor of John Morton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

A post office was established on January 15, 1836, with Nathaniel Cothren as the first postmaster. A second plat of the village was done by F.J. Littlejohn in 1837 and, that year, the town voted to change the name of the village to Galesburg. On May 2, 1838, the post office changed its name, as well, although it was first spelled Galesburgh. Galesburg was incorporated as a village in 1861, and as a city in 1931.

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