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Genesee, Michigan is an unincorporated community in upper Genesee Township, Genesee County.

Genesee Road crosses the lake, connecting the community with the rest of the township, to the south, while Stanley Road parallels the lake. As an unincorporated community, Genesee is without defined borders but it is in the area of Stanley Road and North Genesee Road, west to North Center Road, north to East Mount Morris Road, with the Genesee Recreation Area and Mott Lake to the south. Genesee has its own school district and post office.

Beecher and Thetford Center are unincorporated communities nearby, and incorporated municipalities within twenty miles include Burton, Mount Morris, Davison, Flint, Otisville, Clio, Grand Blanc, Columbiaville, Goodrich, Flushing, Otter Lake, Swartz Creek, Birch Run, Millington, and Montrose.

Crossroads Village and the Huckleberry Railroad are in Genesee, both operated by the Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission. Crossroads Village consists of thirty-four restored historic buildings, vintage amusement rides, a paddleboat steamboat, and the Huckleberry Railroad, a narrow-gauge railroad that originated in 1872 when it was part of the Flint River Railroad. It was said to be so slow that passengers could jump off the train, pick wild huckleberries, and reboard the train. The train station used at Crossroads Village is the former Grand Trunk Western Railroad station from nearby Davison.

The first settlers in the area were Luman Beach and Addison Stewart, who came in 1833. In 1837, a sawmill was built by Ogden Clarke, and another was built by Reuben McCrury in 1853.

Until 1843, there were no bridges across the rivers or streams in the area. The Fay Bridge was constructed in 1860 at the site of the current bridge used by Genesee Road.

In 1858, Reuben McCrury and Simon King platted a village, which they named Geneseeville. The county, township, and village were so named because many of the early settlers had come from Genesee County, New York. On April 25, 1857, a post office was established, at which time the village's name was changed to Genesee Village, with Martin W. Lake as postmaster. The name was shortened to Genesee on May 21, 1892.

In 1916, the village had one church, a few stores, and the original grist mill built by Reuben McCrury, then operated by a family named Rogers.

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