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The unincorporated village of Goetzville, Michigan is concentrated in the area of M-48 (South Raber Road) and East Traynor Road, about six miles north of M-134, in southeast Raber Township, east Chippewa County, in the eastern portion of the Upper Peninsula.

As an unincorporated community, Goetzville doesn't have defined boundaries, but the area north of the East North Caribou Lake Road is generally considered to be Goetzville, and Bender Lake, Carlton Lake, and Sam Taylor Lake are usually considered to be within the village.

The incorporated village of Detour is about ten miles to the southeast. The closest cities are Sault Ste. Marie and St. Ignace, which are forty and fifty miles away, respectively. The unincorporated community of Raber is just over two miles away, and Stalwart is about ten.

Goetzville was named for the Goetz family, Joseph, Alois, Matthew, Paul, and Alexander, who opened businesses in the area in 1882. Joseph Goetz became the first postmaster when a post office was opened there on October 24, 1882. Although the community was known as Goetzville, the original spelling for the post office was Gatesville. In February of 1917, the post office changed its name to Goetzville. Goetzville was never incorporated.

The Goetzville post office serves the central portion of Raber Township, the southeastern corner of Pickford Township, and parts of northwest Detour Township.

Goetzville is a tiny community, with only a few businesses. However, any businesses, industries, churches, organizations, attractions, events, or recreational opportunities in Goetzville are appropriate topics for this category.



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