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Good Hart, Michigan is an unincorporated village on the shores of Lake Michigan, in southwest Readmond Township, Emmet County, in the northwestern Lower Peninsula.

As an unincorporated community, Good Hart doesn't have defined boundaries, but it is concentrated on the area around the intersection of North Lake Shore Drive (M-119) and Robinson Road. Mackinaw City is at the tip of the Lower Peninsula, about thirty miles to the northeast. Cross Village is about eight miles to the northeast, Harbor Springs is thirteen miles south, and Pellston is seventeen miles to the east.

Also because Good Hart is unincorporated, there are no census figures for the village itself, but the entire township has a population of fewer than six hundred.

Before the European-Americans came, Native American camps were scattered all along the shores of Lake Michigan, at points now known as Cross Village, Middle Village, Seven Mile Point, and Harbor Springs.

The area now known as Good Hart has been known by several names. The site was part of a larger Native American settlement of L'Arbre Croche, and Joseph Black Hawk was one of its chiefs. The village itself was known as Waw-gaw-naw-Ka-see, which meant "crooked tree" in Ojibwe, a reference to a large tree with a crooked top that served as a landmark to those traveling by canoe. At another point, it was known as Opit-awe-ing, which meant "halfway," for being halfway between Harbor Springs and Cross Village.

In 1827, the Native American village was under the leadership of Kaw-me-no-e-a, whose name meant "good heart" in Ojibwe.

After the European-Americans settled the area and a post office was established on December 17, 1874, the intention was to name the village Good Heart, for Kaw-me-no-e-a, but it came back as Good Hart, and the error stood. Silas W. McNeil was the first postmaster.

Some accounts list Middle Village as one of the names in which Good Hart has been known. However, it appears that Middle Village was originally an Ojibwe settlement, and part of the larger Native American village of L'Arbre Croche, and then the site of an Indian mission established by the Rev. Frederic Baraga in 1832, and it appears on some maps just south of Good Hart, in Friendship Township.

Good Hart is, and has always been, a small Lake Michigan community, largely serving as a vacation spot.

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