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Although the category name is Places to Eat, appropriate topics for this category include places to eat and drink in Grand Blanc, Michigan. For the most part, these will consist of restaurants and bars, although bakeries and coffee shops could be listed here as well.

These might be referred to by a lot of different names, including bakeries, barbecue places, bar and grills, bars, BBQs, bistros, buffets, cafes, cafeterias, canteens, cocktail lounges, coffeehouses, coffee shops, cookhouses, cook shops, diners, dining rooms, drive-in restaurants, fast food chains, grills, hamburger stands, hotdog stands, icecream parlors, kitchens, lunch rooms, lunch wagons, nightclubs, pizzerias, pubs, restaurants, saloons, smorgasbords, snack bars, steakhouses, taprooms, taverns, yogurt shops, or others.

Restaurants might be known by their cuisine, such as Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Thai restaurants, or so on.

By whatever name, the focus of this category is on restaurants and bars in Grand Blanc who serve prepared food or drinks intended to be consumed on the premises, on their patio, in the car, or taken home. Grocery stores or liquor stores would be listed in the Places to Shop category.



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